Online Annulment Workshop
Saturday, January 20, 2024 -- 11:00 am - 1:00pm (Eastern)

Learn the most important things you need to know about getting an annulment
Is this you?
  • Confused about annulments?
  • Wondering why you would need an annulment?
  • ​Worried about not receiving an annulment?
  • ​Don't understand the process?
  • ​Want to know how an annulment can help you?
  • ​Have more questions than answers?
Then this is just for you...
Attend this special two-hour online workshop and learn the ESSENTIAL things you need to know about getting an annulment.
Here's What You Will Learn
  • What is an annulment and why you would need one.
  • How an annulment is different from a divorce.
  • ​The five most common misconceptions about annulments.
  • ​Learn the biggest mistake people make when filing an annulment and how to avoid it.
  • ​​The three types of annulment cases and which one applies to you.
  • ​​Learn what a “Lack of Form” case is and why it can cut months off of getting an annulment.
  • ​Learn the exact steps you must follow when filing for an annulment.
  • ​Learn the top 10 most common grounds for being a granted an annulment.
  • ​Learn how to determine which ground applies to you and your situation.
  • ​Get the Annulment Type Selector Chart and instantly determine what annulment process you need to follow. 
  • ​Learn the most important factors for choosing your witnesses.
  • ​Learn how to cut months off the time it takes to receive an annulment decision.
  • ​Learn why what happened during your marriage may not matter at all in the annulment decision.
  • ​And much more!
Your Workshop Facilitator

Hi! I'm Vince Frese.

I've spent the last 17 years working with divorced Catholics to help them recover from divorce, rebuild their lives, and live an abundant life.

I am a certified annulment case sponsor, and I have personally been through the annulment process and have been granted an annulment. I know the ropes!

I've also worked with many parishes and diocese throughout the United States and Canada, coaching thousands of separated and divorced Catholics through my parish-based programs and workshops.

During that time, I have authored books, created programs, hosted online workshops, spoken at major conferences, and appeared on various media outlets including EWTN, CNN, and the BBC.
And...Available Only With This Offer
Exclusive Extra
In addition to learning the essential insights regarding annulments, I am giving you this exclusive extra, available only with this offer.

Exclusive Extra: What is an Annulment eBook

This ebook is chock full of annulment information and strategies. This is a great reference that you will find yourself going back to over and over again while you are completing the annulment process. Invaluable!

Note: You will receive this ebook at the end of the workshop.
Now is the time.
Now is the time to make a decision on what is next for you.

You can keep on doing what you’ve been doing, and getting the same results. Or you can take the next step in defining your future.

You can keep procrastinating and putting off doing what you know you should do, leaving your life to chance.

Or you can learn from my seventeen years of experience — and save yourself lots of wasted time and unnecessary risk.
When you register for the Online Annulment Workshop, you get my personal guarantee.
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100% money-back guarantee.
The short version: If you don’t love the Online Annulment Workshop, then I want to give you your money back.

The reason I can give such a strong guarantee is because I know the Online Annulment Workshop will help you.

But if you go through Online Annulment Workshop and are unhappy with it, simply send me an email within the 60 days of the workshop, and I’ll immediately refund your money.

The only thing I’ll ask of you is some feedback on why you’re asking for the refund, so I can make the workshop even more helpful for other divorced Catholics.
It's never been easier (or less expensive) to get this vital information
Here Is My Special Offer
When you enroll in the Online Annulment Workshop you get:
  • Two Hour Online Workshop. This workshop is jam-packed with over 14 must-know insights and strategies when filing for an annulment. Gain the vital information you need to eliminate the confusion and uncertainty about annulments. Knowledge is power!
  • Live Q&A. Get all your questions answered during the live Q&A session.
  • Free Annulment Type Selector Chart. Use this free chart to determine exactly what type of annulment you need to file. This will greatly minimize the uncertainty and frustration of choosing the wrong type.
  • Bonus eBook. Get the free annulment ebook to use as your "go-to" reference while you are filing for your annulment.
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